We are a family that likes photography. Taking pictures, processing pictures, framing pictures and even making pictures into books. This web site  provides a place that we can share our images with the world, but most importantly the people to whom they invoke special memories.

Joe Barrett

Joe has been into photography for quite a while. Getting his start on a Kodak 126 Instamatic camera when he was about 6 years old. He became serious about film photography in High School where he was the Photography Editor for the year book and literary magazine. For many years, after that, he dabbled in film and then digital photography while he was working at IBM, GE, AOL and HighSpeed America. After retiring from his network operations career, he became more serious about photography and travel which have combined nicely in the creation of travel memory books, many of which are and will be featured on this web site.
Joe Shooting from Top of Cadillac Mountain

Untitled photo

Shannon Barrett

Shannon caught her photo bug early, likely while riding or thinking about horses. She always wanted pictures of her horse and equine events, often asking her parents to come take pictures. When she received her first serious camera, a Nikon d5000, she took of on her own, documenting her life and doing photo shoots for her friends and equestrians. She has also spent time pursuing web design and has been a prime motivator in the construction of this web site.

Brian Barrett

Brian started taking serious photos later than the other members of our family. He used a pocket digital and smart phone to capture snapshots and then more serious images on various trips. He dove into photography more seriously with an Olympus TG-4 submersible camera and then a Nikon d3400 which he purchased when he saw that he could take beautiful images but was being limited by the capabilities of his phone and pocket camera.
Untitled photo

Untitled photo

Linda Barrett

Linda got her Photographic start when she was in high school with a Kodak 110 pocket Instamatic camera, using it to take snaps. She was our prime family photographer and documentary while the kids were small and growing. She used many of our family images in her Creative Memories Scrapbooking pursuits. Since the advent of our dSLR cameras she has acted as a director for our photographic efforts, scouting angles and compositions for one of our “big” cameras or snapping with a pocket camera or smart phone.

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