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This page contains conventions used in the creation and support of the web site.  It is not intended for viewing by typical site visitors.

The page is password protected, but it's not a fantastic password, so don't post anything that should be best kept private.

Photo Metadata

Elements of metadata are useful in the operation of this site and production of photo memory books,  Creator, Title, Caption, GPS Data, and certain keywords carry useful information.  Details are shown on the Photo Metadata page.


Some keywords are used in the operation of this site (e.g. star rating, event) and are important to include appropriately.   All keywords are displayed and available for searching, so consider what is included in Keywords.  A table that lists keywords of particular significance can be found on the Keyword Settings page, please review that information if you are unfamiliar with the details.

Lightroom Export Settings

I use Lightroom to store and organize my post-processing efforts on my home computer. I have tried the SmugMug plugin for Lightroom and found that it is slow (seemingly having some time out errors) and a bit clunky, so I manually export images from Lightroom for upload to SmugMug. 

The settings I use for export are listed on the Lightroom Export Settings page. 

I am looking to keep high quality jpeg images (80%+)  on SmugMug.  If you are contributing images, please make sure they are of that caliber.

Gallery Creation and Settings

I'm still a bit fuzzy on what settings should be "standard" on the galleries.   For now, mostly for security, I'm going with the following, non-default settings.  To create a new Gallery do the following:

1. Set a descriptive name on the Basics page (top tab)

2. Select BPV as a Quick Setting  (bottom tab)

3. Hit the green checkmark button to confirm the selection.

4. Ignore the other tabs and hit create button.

More information about the choices being made can be found on the Gallery Settings page.

Photo Organization

Most photos on the site are stored in a gallery within the appropriate folder.  Some events  generate multiple galleries or even galleries in folders.  The names of galleries should be kept short as they drive the automatic URL.

Sometimes an image is wanted in multiple galleries.  In this case, try to upload the image just once and use SmugMug's "Collect" fiction to create a link to the one copy from whichever galleries need it.  This is to reduce maintenance effort and help the search function. More about the "Collect" function available on a SmugMug news page.

Page Design

Pages, Galleries and Folders that are displayed should be clean and simple.  

All pages should include Bread Crumbs at the bottom of the page content, usually separated by a Separator and a Spacer.

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