Foxcraft Firestone Renovations

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Foxcraft Design Group has completed some major renovations to our property on Firestone Place. They did extensive work on the kitchen, laundry room, rear deck and master bath, and more minor work on all of the bedrooms and other areas of the house. Foxcraft also created a home theater and a four stop elevator from scratch inside our home.   

They were consistently easy to work with and did top quality work all around. Producing the best result was the goal, with a flexible approach that helped to make our dreams become reality. One example, we wanted the master shower to have a zero step over entrance, which on the plans required a raised floor in the main room, during demolition our lead carpenter came up with a plan to alter the floor joists beneath the shower to allow that area to be lowered and eliminate any need for a slopped floor.  Awesome!

We have been thrilled with the results and I encourage anyone looking for high quality home renovation/construction to give Foxcraft a look.  You can learn more about them at their website:

The images playing in the slide show above were all captured by Greg Hadley Photography, they were engaged by Foxcraft to document the project and I must say they also did a great job. 

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