In late October 2020, we headed into Ace Photo, our local camera shop in search of a flash for our son and daughter-in-law who could really use one for shots of their growing family.  While there, I looked at the new Nikon Z5, their new mirrorless critter that I'd seen advertised a lot recently. The store of course had a promotion running, but it was still too rich for my blood as it would be asked to serve as a lightweight backup to my heavyweight D850.  He suggested I take a peak at the slightly older APS-C cousin, the Z50 (of course also on sale).  OMG -- The thing is small, just big enough to mount a full sized lens and it weighs 14, yes 14 ounces.  

We grabbed one and headed home.  The next morning I took it on a neighborhood walk and shot some of our area's Halloween sites in auto mode.  Drop dead simple to use and the results.  I'm pleased to say the least.

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