Keyword Settings

This site uses and displays keywords.  In general, keywords should be short and descriptive of the contents.  Try to avoid spaces or special characters other than underline ("_") which is used in place of spaces.  

Type Specific Use For This Site
Credit Photos taken by others than the main contributors to this site should have a Credit keyword of the form: Credit_FirstName_LastName with appropriate names replacing the name place holders.
Event A keyword describing or naming the event should be embedded.
Gallery A keyword giving the Gallery grouping that this photo is intended to be stored in. This keyword will be used in the management of smart galleries for slide shows. Here are the current choices:

  • BPV_Travels
  • BPV_Equine
  • BPV_PhotoShoots
  • BPV_Family
  • BPV_OddsEnds

These keywords are not on photos uploaded in the first wave. This should be corrected, but for now, try not to make the problem worse.
Location A keyword giving the location (Country, City, etc.) should be included.
People People keywords are generally deleted on upload though names are used in navigation and some titles / captions. These can be filtered on export from lightroom.
Rating A "star" rating, manually added as a keyword because of limitaions of the SmugMug/Lightroom interface. This is typically:

  • 5star, 4star, 3star
  • 4star, 3star
  • 3star,
  • or not used.

5star is for the best of the best, images that should be in the site homepage show. 4star is for really good shots that belong in a slideshow of this event. 3star is the basic assumed rating, but can certainly be included in collections with lower implied ratings.

Higher rated images need the lower ratings as well because of limitations in SmugMug's smart galleries. They lack any type of compound or greater than logic.
Subject Keyword(s) describing the subject are always appropriate, but not required. Sometimes this is done as a lightroom hierachy. Here are some examples (some of them are shown as Lightroom hierachy):

  • Penguin < Birds
  • Sunset < Setting
  • Daisy < Flowers
  • Yellowtail_Surgeonfish < Fishes

  • Joe can provide a complete set of the Lightroom keywords he uses upon request, complete with typos.
Year Add the year the photo was taken. It's in the automatic meta data, but can be easier to find as a keyword.
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