Holy Land: 2020

Sixteen Grove City College (GCC) alumni and relations of alumni departed from our homes in the United States in early March 2020 for the Holy Land. We were bound for an adventure and exploration of the land of the bible. We took off with virtual viral storm clouds gathering around the world; hopeful that we would still be able to experience our tour of the Holy land and return safely.

Overall the trip was a roaring success. We were able to see most of what we had expected to see. A few of the sites closed while we were in Israel because of the coronavirus. Others were much easier to visit as the crowds that normally swarm locations were largely kept away by travel bans that kept popping up, mostly, behind us.

Israeli flag over Tel Aviv beach

Israeli flag over Tel Aviv beach

Photo Memory Book

The book is done!   Completed during the great Covid lockdown of 2020.

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