Machu Picchu: 2017

Our tour group of Grove City and Washington & Lee alumni was reduced to 11 intrepid adventurers who went on see the Machu Picchu ruins and other areas of Peru. This portion of the trip was dominated by green. So much green.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

Photo Memory Book

The photo memory book for this trip is available through AdoramaPix. The pages are filled with images that are sure to bring back memories for past visitors and, perhaps, to spark the Machu Picchu travel bug in those who haven't been there.

This book smaller than the companion Galapagos book, but still amazing! It's 48 pages are stuffed with the sites we encountered; more than 250 images. I like it best in the largest format available, 12x9 inches, two smaller, less expensive sizes are also available. The smaller 9x6 inch is a good alternative if space or budget are the criteria.

As of May 2017, AdoramaPix charges nearly $111 for a copy, certainly non-trivial, but the quality is amazing. The pages are stiff and covered in real photographic print images. The Luster finish presents tack sharp images in a finger print resistant finish, but if you prefer other finish styles, they are also available.

You can order a copy of the book by clicking on the image to the left will take you to the AdoramaPix website. If you don't have an AdoramaPix account, please consider using my referral link which will get us both a small discount.

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