Southwest National Parks: 2018 - Barrett Photo of Virginia

Southwest National Parks: 2018

Forty-Seven guests, two colleges, two guides, and so many National Parks and Monuments that I lost count were the basis for an absolutely amazing journey though the American south west. The sights and experience were absolutely stunning.  I have made every effort to capture the essence of the trip, but I fear my ability falls far short of the natural grandeur that we experienced.

Confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers

Confluence of Colorado and Little Colorado Rivers

The little colorado river's bright blue color is caused by dissolved travertine, calcium carbonate such as found at Mammoth Hot Springs, and limestone.

Photo Memory Book

Work on the book is well underway.  I have processed my more than four thousand photos, sifting them down to a bit fewer than 500 reasonable candidates for inclusion. With an average of 4 to 5 images per page, that is right on track for a 100 page publication. 

Participants have posted a few images and Greg has offered many on the Orbridge site.  I have plenty to work with, but more, are of course, welcome.  I will be soliciting additional contributions over the next few weeks before pictures start to be placed on pages and it becomes much harder to use additional images.

As of Mid August, the book is largely done.  I'd call it a final draft.  It needs a bit more review and it will be ready to go.  For some reason the preview is showing an odd mix of SWParks and Galapagos pages. This has been going on for a while, I am hoping vendor support can resolve what seems certain to be a bug. 

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